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About Me

Born in 1976. Artist. Feminist.

My fields are painting and dollmaking. I create in a trend of the new female spirituality.

I continue prehistoric tradition of making symbolic dolls, which represent transcendental reality. (Prehistoric dolls are considered to have been used in magic and spiritual rithuals.) A doll was a subject of my MA thesis. Since 2017 I participate in annual Doll Prague Exhibition – one of the biggest art doll faires in Europe. „Devil” – my doll inspirated by tarot de Marseille, won the 3rd prize in the art doll competition during Doll Praque in 2017. 

I am the author of number of articles about art. I work as a manager of education in the Center for Culture in Lublin.

My works are in private and public collections (The Lublin Museum, Lublin Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts).