based in

Lublin, Poland

About Me

Born in 1976. Artist. Feminist.

My fields are painting and dollmaking. I create in a trend of the new female spirituality. In “Madonnas” – the series of paitings,  I show Mother Mary as Christian reincarnation of Great Mother and pagan Goddess of Moon. Number of my works are devoted to the myth about Demeter and Persephone.

I continue prehistoric tradition of making symbolic dolls, which represent transcendental reality. (Prehistoric dolls are considered to have been used in magic and spiritual rithuals.) A doll was a subject of my MA thesis. Since 2017 I participate in annual Doll Prague Exhibition – one of the biggest art doll faires in Europe. “Devil” – my doll inspirated by tarot de Marseille, won the 3rd prize in the art doll competition during Doll Praque in 2017.

I entered the path of art in the age of 14, when I started my education in the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Lublin and next I graduated in art education from UMCS University in Lublin. As a great craft enthusiast I devoted a lot of my time to learn craft techniques. I participated in blackmithing workshops. In Folk High School on Bornholm (Denmark) I was studying ceramics and dollmaking. I also learned many handcraft techniques by my on.

I am the author of number of articles about art. I work as a manager of education in the Center for Culture in Lublin.

My works are in private and public collections (The Lublin Museum, Lublin Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts).



exhibition catalogues

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