Fragrant Home | Pachnący Dom


Project for Clairvoyants 2018 competition, The Dwie Siostry Publishing. 8 spreads (here – 6). Tempera, ink, collage on paper.

Projekt na konkurs Jasnowidze 2018. Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry. 8 rozkładówek (tutaj – 6). Tempera, tusz, kolaż na papierze.

Baba Yaga | Baba Jaga


Mini comics. 4 spreads. Ink on paper  | Mini komiks. 4 rozkładówki. Tusz na papierze

spread 1: “Under the Moon the river flows.”

spread 2: “Baba Jaga sits on the river.”

spread 3: “She makes children out of clay and puts them into an oven. To the first one for three day. To the second for six hours. Then the children are free. They can go.”


Sacred King | Święty Król


For Three Colours Magazine, nr 8/2012. Digital.

Dla magazynu Trzy Kolory, nr 8/2012. Technika cyfrowa.