Motanka Dolls

Motanka – traditional Slavic folk doll connected with white magic, known from pagan times. She brings love, fertility, brilliant sex, happiness, successfull familly life, health, money etc. Made of old cloths without sewing. There are number of kinds of Motanka, for example:

Filipowna and Tenhanded (in private collections) | Tenhanded and Sixhanded | with a lot of hands to help their owners in everyday duties.


Baba Jaga (Baba Yaga) – old witch from Polish and Slavic folklore. Pagan goddess of life, death and initiations. She symbolizes freedom and wisdom.

Breaking the traditional image of Baba Jaga (and motanka in general), I gave her 3 pairs of breasts, to emphasis her connection with world of animals. It symbolizes feeding and protection. Three is a number of Goddess.

In private collection.

Rusałka (Nixie) –  from Polish and Slavic mythology. Young and beautiful goddess of forests, water reservoirs, fields and young rye. Rusałkas appear during the New Moon. They represent freedom, vitality, fun, erotism, sexual energy, joy, nature.

Baba-Dziewa (Woman-Girl) – symbolizes growing up.

In private collection.