I work as a manager of education in the Center for Culture in Lublin (Poland), where I run educational studio „Latające Warsztaty Rękodzieła” (Flying Craft Workshops). I specialize in adult teaching. I hold MA in art education (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland, 2000).

In years 2004-2012 I used to work as a freelansed teacher. I taught at Lublin University of Technology (sculpture and interior design classes for architecture students) and at the University of the Third Age. I also ran hobby handcraft workshops in various cultural institutions and art galleries. In the end I came to conclusion, that hobby workshops would be actually the most flexible system, which would give me the biggest independance and the opportunity to teach what interests me the most and to implement solutions that make the most sense to me. It lead me to the place, were I am today.  

I am also independent artist. To see my works go to the main page (“Works” section).

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Freedom, imagination, grow. My teaching philosophy

 As C.G. Jung teaches us, external freedom starts from the inner one. My ambition as a teacher is to show people how to use their imagination freely, without (self-)censorship. I also aim to teach them how to recognize and rely on their own resources, like their own unique image of the world, specific gifts, interests, knowledge and experience.

Teacher’s role is to observe developing of culture and society and to define what knowledge and skills people need now and will need in a future. The topics and methods of teaching should follow from this.  

LWR studio in the Center for Culture in Lublin

In 2009 I started Latające Warsztaty Rękodzieła (Flying Craft Workshops) as an independent teaching project. For three years I ran LWR workshops in various cultural institutions as freelanced teacher. From 2012 LWR Studio is one of education departaments in the Center for Culture in Lublin. We organize hobby workshops for adults.

What I do in LWR

– managing,

– setting the program, defining teaching fields and topics,

– networking and cooperating with instructors and educators,

– schedule management,

– budget management,

– recruitment, registration,

– studio supplies,

– studio’s blog running,

– occasionaly teaching.

LWR program

Main subject is sewing. At the same time, the studio is still evolving, some themes are been replaced by others. So far we had f. ex. following workshops:


fairy tales symbolism

dream symbolism

red tent – women circle (menstruation symbolism) – run by Natalia Miłuńska

Traditional folk Slavic dolls, connected with white magic. Making dolls + motanka’s symbolism. In cooperaton with Lilia Potonia, who runs these workshops.



porcelain doll making

knitting, crotchetting

interior design

theatre scenography design

theatre costume design

In cooperating with Association of Professor Zbigniew Hołda. The Constitution workshops took place as part of the “Constitutional Week” project organized by the Assotiation after the violation of the constitution by the PiS government.


cv building

personal brand building